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Solvent Dispensers

Manufacturers use solvent dispensers to apply solvent adhesive to plastic tubings and components before their assembly.

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Cutting Solutions

We provide precise and accurate machines that cut plastic tubing to preset specifications. Our solutions fit the needs of small to large operations.


Cut, Coil, and Band

The process of manually coiling and banding cut tubings is time-consuming and sometimes ineffective. Thus, a productive approach is to use a Cut-Coil-Band solution.

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UV Glue Dispensers

UV glue dispensers are an excellent alternative to solvent dispensers when the solvents are less effective bonding agents.

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Leak and Pressure Testing

Our testing machines check the quality of medical plastic tubing products such as infusion and transfusion bags and sets. Our solutions cover leak, obstruction, and vacuum testings.


Customized Automations

We specialize in designing and manufacturing automated assembly lines tailored to our customers’ unique product and facility requirements.


Optional Products

We offer optional, complementary solutions to our portfolio of machines. Those devices support our bonding, cutting, and testing product categories.